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A buyer's home inspection is the most common type of real estate inspection. You should hire a certified home inspector to help identify major defects and other problems, allowing you to make an informed decision about the homes' condition and the expense of related repairs BEFORE buying or selling a home.

Our certified home inspectors perform both buyers and sellers' inspections with the same thoroughness and detail. We inspect each house as if we were buying it ourselves.

Your Home is Our Home

We treat your home’s inspection as though we lived there, too!

Unbiased, Honest Reports

No sugarcoating!  We give real insight into your home’s history.

Own Your

Schedule our service completely at your convenience.

Buying a house is stressful, especially if you’re confused by the inspector’s report.

The last thing you should be worried about when buying a home is whether it’s truly in the condition that’s reported to you by your home inspector.

Integrity Inspection Service makes it a priority that you fully understand what is going on with your home.  Our inspections are:

  • Unbiased
  • Detailed
  • Come with an easy-to-read report. 

It’s no secret that there may be issues with any house you buy, so we empower you to be aware of the house’s condition and equip you with actionable solutions.

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Why Buyers Integrity Inspections

Our reports are short, unbiased, and easy to understand.

We give actionable solutions, not just a list of potential concerns.

The inspection covers the roof, crawl space, foundation, and everything in between.

Call us with any questions you have after the report.